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 Freedom? [1917/Kyrgyzstan/Public]

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Freedom? [1917/Kyrgyzstan/Public] Empty
PostSubject: Freedom? [1917/Kyrgyzstan/Public]   Freedom? [1917/Kyrgyzstan/Public] EmptyFri Feb 11, 2011 11:03 pm

It was more quiet than she recalled it being in a long time.

Never would she have expected things to come crashing down the way they did. Well, crashing down for Mister Russia, anyway. It had all happened so suddenly, too- one moment, it seemed like everything was fine, and the next, everything was in disarray, everyone was fighting amongst themselves, and Mister Russia himself couldn't take it anymore. It was like watching a train wreck- you couldn't bare to watch, but you couldn't look away. Which just made it worse.

She wondered about Mister Russia, sometimes. She went from hating him to liking him to tolerating him; It was very strange. But he had been acting strangely of late, even by his standards. As if he wasn't all there. Although she wasn't exactly the best of friends with him at the moment- she couldn't help but wonder.

Kyrgyzstan sat in her home, mending an old coat of hers. It was faded and had holes, but still wearable. Nothing a bit of sewing couldn't fix. Winter was coming soon, anyway, and she'd be needing it. She was humming to herself quietly, thinking everything that had happened. For the first time in a long time- she was free. Free from Mongols, free from Uzbeks, free from Russians. She could do what she wanted at last, without having someone over her shoulder. It felt nice, but almost...too nice. Was this for real? Would things stay this way? Was it all just a dream?

She just wasn't sure. But maybe taking advantage was nice.

Kyrgyzstan placed her coat in her lap and took a sip of tea from the cup she had placed next to her. Things felt peaceful...or anxious. Like she was holding her breath and waiting for something bad that may or may not happen.

((Following the chaos of the Russian Revolution, Kyrgyzstan briefly gained independence from the Russian Empire in 1917. FEEL FREE TO RANDOMLY BARGE IN ON HER.

Yep, her feelings on Russia seriously flip like that, depending on the time period.))
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Freedom? [1917/Kyrgyzstan/Public]
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