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 Veliky Novgorod, Russia [ APP ]

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Veliky Novgorod, Russia [ APP ] Empty
PostSubject: Veliky Novgorod, Russia [ APP ]   Veliky Novgorod, Russia [ APP ] EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 1:55 pm

Name: Yuriy Rurikovich Braginsky / Юрий Рюрикович Брагинский

Nickname(s): Uncle, Yuka

Area Being Personified: (Veliky) Novgorod, Russia* / (Великий) Новгород, Россия

Timeline (DOB - DOD): 859 - Present

Ethnicity: Scandinavian, Novgorodian, Russian

Religion: Formerly a mish-mash of Pagan and Christianity, now Russian Orthodoxy

Government:He doesn’t care for politics as much as he used to, (And I can’t find what party he has currently. |: ) Current Mayor is Yuriy Bobryshev.

Likes: Most things traditional, indoor frisbee, telling stories, children

Dislikes: being called old, technology, Swedes, Moscow and St Petersburg to an extent, the fact that he always ends up being the babysitter (he loves it really)

Notable Foreign Relationships: He once had go relations with the southern and further eastern Russians as well as the Karelians, Finns and other Scandinavians, but after being effectively blackmailed and annexed by Moscow, he hasn’t had much choice about his relations.

* Because I'm gonna app both Novgorods, the word not in brackets is what I'll refer to them as. So Veliky Novgorod is just 'Novgorod' and Nizhny Novgorod is just 'Nizhny'.
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Veliky Novgorod, Russia [ APP ]
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