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 Cannes [APP]

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Name: Juliette Bonnefoy

Nickname(s): Julie, Frog

Area Being Personified: Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France

Timeline (DOB - DOD): 2nd century BC - Present

Ethnicity: French

Religion: Roman Catholic

Government: Has always followed what other cities are doing government wise. Her current mayor is Bernard Brochand.

Likes: Sweets, movies, the coast, fashion, anything luxurious.

Dislikes: Working, Paris (She feels Paris gets more attention than she does.), the British, having her name mispronounced.

Notable Foreign Relationships: She’s rather wary of Spaniards and Syrians, both having attempted to conquer the Lérins islands (These islands make up most to all the history of Cannes)((The Syrians actually attacked and stayed on the islands and in Cannes—then Canua—till the end of the 10th century)). She very much likes Americans, as they make up most of the tourist that visit.
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Cannes [APP]
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