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 Paris, France [App]

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PostSubject: Paris, France [App]   Paris, France [App] EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 1:01 am

Name: Danniell Bonnefoy

Nickname(s): The City of Love, Frog

Area Being Personified: Paris, France.

Timeline (DOB - DOD): 52 AD - Present

Ethnicity: French.

Religion: Catholic.

Government: Tends to be a radical.

Likes: Love, bad romance novels, starting revolutions, wine, good food (he's picky), the arts, fashion, Napoleon, flirting, ect.

Dislikes: the British, bad food, stress, authoritarians, ineffective rulers, the Bourbons (namely Louis XIV and XVI), Russians, Russian winters, tacky art, tea, ect.

Notable Foreign Relationships: Does not get along with the British for obvious reasons. Also holds a grudge against Russians for a certain incident involving Napoleon and a Russian winter. He doesn't seem to be particularly fond of Germans, either.
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Paris, France [App]
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