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 Swansea, UK. [APP]

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Swansea, UK. [APP] Empty
PostSubject: Swansea, UK. [APP]   Swansea, UK. [APP] EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 11:39 pm

Name: Dylan Rees

Nickname(s): Copperopolis, Copper Kingdom, Bath by the sea, Family calls him briallu (primrose) due to his aversion of fine flowery porcelain.

Area Being Personified: Swansea,Wales,UK

Timeline (DOB – DOD): 1000 AD (as old as wales) – To present

Originally Norse/Welsh

Christian with 20% being atheist

Socialist Welsh Assembly

Fine Porcelain, Metal Work, the sea, poetry, Museums, Stained glass, Photography, Trains, Rugby

The Black Plague, Cholera, Distrusts Germans

Notable Foreign Relationships:
Well I'll have to explain some things, Swansea was originally was a Norse fort that was later rebuilt by the Normans, the Welsh activist tried to burn it down numerous times but failed. Most of the inhabitants at that time were English Immigrants and was a massively strategic position so naturally it would be under attack. Over the years numerous minerals were found such as Copper, oil and coal which put him in good standing with the English. He further entertained the English and it soon become a hot vacation spot with cricket matches and galas and everything. However such prestige came at a price, since he was one of primary ports to supply the British fleets with oil during WW2 Swansea suffered 44 bombing attacks between the span of 3 years. But he's still a thriving port town to this day having relations all over the world.
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The Plum Empire
The Plum Empire

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Swansea, UK. [APP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Swansea, UK. [APP]   Swansea, UK. [APP] EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 11:40 pm

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Swansea, UK. [APP]
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