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Calling all history buffs!

The forum title says 'Axis Powers Hetalia Original Characters Forum' (primarily because we must observe the niceties and give a nod to the main series), but this is really just a place for those who enjoy the idea of using personified countries/cities/etc to portray both past and current events of the world (which can be anything from major battles, to G8 meetings, to a day in a life in the court of Versailles). Whether you love or hate Hetalia itself, this is geared towards straight history, without the extra fluff and general inaccuracies.

In short: this is where you can rp historical fiction using APH original characters.

Namely, this is for those of us from the APHOC Tag on Tegaki, who are looking for a 'tag away from the tag', so to speak. But of course, all are welcome, so long as you have a love for history!

Please see the rules before claiming/apping. Thank you, and have fun~
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